Portal Service

The digital gateway to your hospital. Kare4U's platform provides a multitude of digital services which is exposed via your professionally designed website. Below are some services that our customer's get when they sign up with us


Mobile App Service

Mobility is the future. Research says, customer retention and recall is significantly better if hospitals are mobile focused. Kare4U is a Mobile first company and has significant focus on exposing all your services via the mobile app. Whether it's reminder or send notification about a new hospital service, Kare4U's mobile app has it covered

OPD Solution

Kare4U's OPD solution is significantly different that what current market provides. Developed in consultation with reputed doctors and hospitals, we provide solution that is targeted to specific specialization. The other stand-out feature of Kare4U is the customer engagement. Sharing health-records, sending reminders, remote consultation are some features where your customers are an integral part of the solution