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Why people love Kare4U ?

Minimum Waiting Time

Our state-of-the-art management system allows doctors to treat their patients on time


Preventive Checkups

Prevention is better than cure. Old sayin, eh ? But we still love it. Thats why we have designed health packages speciallly for you & your family


Healthcare On-The-Go

We just love the concept. Access your health records, search nearby doctors and hospitals anytime, anywhere.



Our Services

Online Appointments

How often has it not been a fuss while booking appointments ? Well no more

  • Free. Simple. Multi-channel.
  • Access to the best doctors in your locality
  • Less waiting

Personal Health Records

Whats more delighting than being able to manage your health information, as well as your family's, all in one place !

  • Chronic disease management, Vaccination & Pregnancy, in one shelf
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Have a healthy lifestyle by tracking your BMI & other vital signs

Digital Locker

Store health records for an entire lifetime without losing them ever

  • Upload your prescriptions & other health records instantly
  • Share records with your physicians on the go
  • Share prescriptions with pharmacists & referred doctors

Health packages

The all-round healthcare solutions suited for you, handpicked by us.

  • Proactive solutions
  • Suited for all your needs
  • Timely discounts

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